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Can you guess the movie?

Do you like to watch movies, series and cartoons? Do you consider yourself a movie fan and love movie quiz? Do you like to play games for free and solve logic puzzles? Then the MovieFan: Idle Trivia Quiz game is for you!

Do not waste your time! MovieFan: Idle Trivia Quiz answers and questions - the best logic game for you and your family. Caution: this puzzle game can increase the level of entertainment in your blood. Contact us if you notice that your knowledge is growing rapidly.
Reasons why you should download the game MovieFan: Idle Trivia Quiz:
  • hundreds of interesting questions and answers in an online quiz;
  • separate easy and difficult quiz levels by categories: movies, TV shows and cartoons - choose what is more interesting to you!
  • levels with popular actors - for the most intelligent movie fan. Choose the right movie answer!
  • play the quiz for speed: the faster you guess the movies, TV shows and cartoons - the more stars you get!
  • doubt - choose a hint and find out the correct movie answer;
  • challenge with friends and prove who the real movie fan is here!